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Electronica in the Synagogue

During another day of the festival Musica Electronica Nova in Wrocław the famous ensemble Court-Circuit performed in the synagogue. These outstanding performers of contemporary music presented themselves in an interesting and varied programme. In a piece by Pierre Jodlowski In & Out for violin, cello, electronics and DVD the composer combined audio and visual layers in an original way.

I never wear borrowed clothes – an interview with Eivind Aarset

After six years of absence Eivind Aarset returns to Poland. This time he will present his new project with Sonic Codex Orchestra, which has not been shown in our country. The guitarist talks about the evolution of his music, heavy metal influences and the freedom which comes from electronics.

Praised Interpretation

Tuesday’s concert at the Wrocław Opera confirmed that the stereotype of fixation of a piece of electronic music on a medium is false. Artists associated with the famous Parisian INA/GRM electronic music studio presented their visions of classic works of electronic music written for acousmonium – an orchestra of speakers.

A Taste for Opera. Interview with composer Cezary Duchnowski

His opera “Martha’s Garden” premières today at the Wrocław Opera at the festival Musica Electronica Nova and will enter the repertoire on our stage.

Playing with the Opera

Prior to the stage première of his chamber opera, “Martha’s Garden”, Cezary Duchnowski announced surprises for the audience. He kept his word. To the astonishment of some and the amusement of others, the opera was started a number of times during the Sunday performance.

The Harpsichord Can Do Anything. An interview with Elżbieta Chojnacka

We are getting ready to talk and take photos. Elżbieta Chojnacka is sitting at an open harpsichord, and suddenly notices how silly she feels posing for a picture without a score. She bends down and lifts one of the pink cardboard sheets off the floor. Each one has a carefully attached score of individual compositions.

The Ultimate Saxophone

Another virtuoso recital after the concert by Elżbieta Chojnacka within the festival Musica Electronica Nova was held at the Ossolineum Auditorium.

I would not call myself a harpsichordist at all – interview with E. Chojnacka

I am a product of the 20th century. I smoke, drive a car and travel by plane. I can’t live as in baroque times – says Elżbieta Chojnacka, world famous Polish harpsichordist.

Sounds of Nature for Inauguration

Elżbieta Chojnacka as a harpsichord professor inaugurated the 4th International Festival Musica Electronica Nova. Her “lecture” was held in the vast hall of the Faculty of Law at the University of Wrocław but primarily focused on the nature of the relations between the music of nature and the music of culture.

Karlax – an instrument that can play as many other instruments– interview with Tom Mays

Tom Mays, American musician who has been composing for many years in France, talks about Karlax, the instrument he will present during the weekend at Musica Electronica Nova.

Electronics is out of the ghetto. Interview with Elżbieta Sikora, artistic director of the Musica Electronica Nova festival

The audience needs to understand that the devil is not as black as he is painted. The first contact with contemporary music could have been too painful for some people. However, today that kind of music has such a long history that it should have been assimilated a long time ago – explained Elżbieta Sikora, the new director of the Musica Electronica Nova festival. The festival with the programme she created starts on Friday, May 13th and ill end on May 21st.

Contemporary music is closer to us – an interview with Agata Zubel

We wear jeans, we use the latest mobile phones or laptops and so we should be interested in the latest achievements in painting, theatre or music – says Agata Zubel, a singer and composer from Wrocław.

Festival featured guest: Pierre Jodlowski

Pierre Jodlowski was born in Toulouse (France) in 1971. After studying composition at the Conservatoire of Lyon and IRCAM, Pierre Jodlowski founded the collective éOle and festival Novelum in Toulouse. His work as a composer led him to perform in France and abroad in many places connected with contemporary music.

Plus Ringtone Festival

We would like to invite you to participate in the Ringtone Festival – an event accompanying the IV edition of the Musica Electronica Nova festival.

Ticket sales for the festival concerts have already started!

Tickets are avalible to buy at Filharmonia Wrocławska, ul. Piłsudskiego 19, mon-fri 11:00–18:00 (break 15:00–15:30) tel. (+48) 71 342-24-59 tel. (+48) 71 792-10-00 ( 8:00–16:00).

Promotion: Buy three tickets and cheapest you’ll get free!

“You need to choose something for yourself” – an interview with Elżbieta Sikora

Elżbieta Sikora, artistic director of the Musica Electronica Nova 2011 festival, takes us through the complexities of this year’s edition. She explains the difference between Acousmonium concerts, tells us how to play music with the use of a car and about Karlax. The composer also reveals her plans to stay in Wrocław for longer.

If it was not for stage fright, she would be a pianist – an interview with Elżbieta Sikora

She learned from the best to later contribute to the world of electronic music. She was shaped by the lectures of Pierre Schaeffer and by the Warsaw Autumn festival. Elżbieta Sikora, artistic director of the Musica Electronica Nova festival, tells how she got into the Groupe de Recherches Musicale, and how she later witnessed the rivalry of GRM with IRCAM.

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The star of the festival: Eivind Aarset

Eivind Aarset is a guitarist with a unique musical vision that absorbs and reflects all manner of music while retaining an enviable individualism and high quality craftsmanship that can span from quiet intimacy to searing intensity. His debut as a bandleader on Jazzland Recordings was described by the New York Times as “One of the best post-Miles electric jazz albums,” setting a high benchmark that Aarset has consistently met and exceeded, both in the studio and in live performance.

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