SATURDAY 21.05,  6:00 p.m., Browar Mieszczański, 44-48 Hubska Street
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Paweł Hendrich / Digit All Love
Digit All Love, fot. Bartosz MazDigit All Love, fot. Bartosz MazDigit All Love, fot. Bartosz Maz

Michel Supéra – saxophone
Pierre Charvet (1968) – Novasto for saxophone and electronics **

Paweł Hendrich – computer
Elżbieta Woleńska – flute, computer
Michał Siciński – clarinet, computer

Digit All Love
Natalia Grosiak – vocals
Maciek Zakrzewski – sampling, electronics
Radek Bednarz – bass & modulation
Michał Muszyński – percussion, loops
Wojciech Orszewski – guitar, efx
Olga Kwiatek – violin
Rafał Zalech – viola
Olga Kończak – cello

Nodion was established in 2011. It consists of Paweł Hendrich (audio programming and composing), Jakub Jernajczyk (video programming and multimedia design), Michał Siciński (clarinets) and Elżbieta Woleńska (flutes). The idea behind the band is to interweave (Latin nodus – weave) various aesthetic attitudes in one organic creation. The members do not shy away from cooperating with artists from different environments. This may be manifested in the new cooperation with Kuba Badach (the lead singer in The Globetrotters and Poluzjanci) and Digit All Love presented during this year’s edition of Musica Electronica Nova. The area of musical and visual inspiration for the members of Nodion is mainly exact science.

Formed in 2005 by Maciek Zakrzewski. In 2007 they released their debut album digitalllove very well received by critics and audiences. Digit All Love is an 8 people project that combines electronics, live rhythm section supplemented by a modulated analog loops and bass with string trio and a slow / ethereal voice of Natalia Grosiak.

In 2010 the band released their second, highly varied and full of contrasts album entitled V [fau]. Bitter and aggressive songs combines with the light and idyllic ones and harsh electronics with a noble acoustic tone. The whole thing is set in a recognizable sound of the band, based on a large team with string trio. The character of the album is enriched with Polish poetry (Asnyk, Tetmajer, Wyspiański, Poświatowska), and instrumental pieces.

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