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Calin Ioachimescu, fascinated by the complex structure of the spectrum of sound, primarily seeks to obtain a wealth of colours in his music. Saxtraces (2004) is one of the few saxophone compositions by the Romanian composer where the multi-threaded, masterly instrumental part is combined with a variety of colours and refinement of timbre resulting from the electronics.

For Gilles Racot the relationship between electroacoustic and instrumental or vocal music became one of the main problems of creation. In Itée the composer has reached out for very simple material: the sound of breath and scream. These sounds, thanks to the numerous repetitions, reveal their uniform musical structure. Consecutive shows are based on the principle of repetition and variation. The instrumental part is interwoven with an electro-acoustic layer in a persistent game of anticipation, response, similarity and difference.

15.05.2011 | 5:30 p.m.
Hall of the Ossolinski National Institute, 37 Szewska Street

Marta’s Garden – chamber opera written to Piotr Jasek’s libretto
for female voice, an actor, electronics and instruments. The piece was commissioned by the Polish Ministry of Culture. The first performance took a place at Mittedeutcheradio in Leipzig.


The libretto is based on the themes in Piotr Jasek’s collection of stories entitled Expiry Date (Data Ważności). As the author writes, “The main plot is a story from a short story entitled Marta’s Garden (Ogród Marty). The form of this piece is almost a finished libretto with the original idea of narration. The two characters, a boy and girl, take part in a dialogue not spoken directly to each other but only directed towards the other person. It includes their dreams, thoughts and requests they would never dare to express to a loved one, even though they want their confessions to be heard and reciprocated.

KLANG.RAUM.FRAU (Symphonie pour une femme seule)  – dance theatre after „symphonie acousmatique“ and “Lui comme elle”  (textfragments of Elfride Jelinek recited by Gunda König) by Dieter Kaufmann  (music and idea) with Gerda Schorsch (choreography and dance) and Ulrich Kaufmann  (scenario, projections and stage)

15.05.2011 | 7:00 p.m.
The Wrocław Opera, 35 Świdnicka Street
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