GPS-Trans 12 is a project merging elements of urban audiovisual installation, interactive performance and concert with improvising musicians.

4 movie cameras record the streets of the Wroclaw city by 4 sides-view from the center of the car.  The car with GPS system drives the city transmiting its coordinates to the system controlling the 4-screen video. The car is a performer of its own recordings. The car transmits recorded streets of the city in time and space (the title). 4 screens are installed in form of rectangular geometric object, imitating the form of the car. The audience moves inside and outside of the screening object. The video of the streets of the city is the basic audiovisual form of the installation and describes the basic model of interaction. The speed of the video materials is adequate to the speed of the car. Stops of the car in a traffic freeze the video material and indicates the beginning of the instrumental parts and the video transformation. Four musicians sitting in front of each screen use the video material as a graphic score. Instrumental sounds determine the form of video transformation, which is another part of interaction between the car and improvising musicians. Transformations of video and audio material, recorded in advance, depends to the pitch, density and loudness of the instrumental parts, but also to the place and speed of the car, as well as the activity of the audience inside the screening object.

GPS-Trans 12 is a part of GPS-Art initiated in 2000 in Krakow –

19.05.2011 | 9:30 p.m.
PUZZLE Club, 2 Przejście Garncarskie
  21      +48 71 343 85 28
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