FRIDAY 13.05,  vernissage 5:30 p.m., The Pan Tadeusz Museum, Rynek 6
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Intimate Listening
Pierre JodlowskiPierre JodlowskiPierre Jodlowski„Passage”„Passage”„Passage”„Passage”

“Passage” – installation by Pierre Jodlowski (1971) *

Installation on exhibition: May 13–21, 2011

Pierre Jodlowski – koncept, sound design, program
Christophe Bergon – lights and scenography
Emmanuel Flety – movements ceplation, program, cabling
Jacky Merit – sound design assistance
François Donato – cabling, technical assistance
Julien Thomas – LED technology advice
Frédéric Stoll – building

The Passage is a dynamic sound corridor devoted to the world of memory. After interviews with employees of the Siemens Company who gave testimonies about their own memories, fifty sound sequences were created in a studio to recompose each mental space. Entering the tunnel, the visitor can hear these sequences, facing the imaginary world of someone else. Walking through the tunnel, he can listen to the sequences in different ways: either quickly walking through the tunnel or in a more precise way by stopping and controlling the sound evolution with his movements. Indeed, the sensor system gives the possibility to track human development as well as control the sound and light diffusion. Passage is a trip to the heart of human memory, sometimes individual, sometimes universal.

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