Electronica in the Synagogue

During another day of the festival Musica Electronica Nova in Wrocław the famous ensemble Court-Circuit performed in the synagogue. These outstanding performers of contemporary music presented themselves in an interesting and varied programme. In a piece by Pierre Jodlowski In & Out for violin, cello, electronics and DVD the composer combined audio and visual layers in an original way. Instead of the abstract visualizations fashionable today, he proposed “concrete images”, including the characters of the musicians playing violin and cello. In this way the image visually and audibly participates in a dialogue with the musicians on stage. In turn, Winter Fragments by Tristan Murail (a leading representative of the spectral trend in contemporary music) was performed as the final piece,full of cool, subtle and sophisticated sounds which slightly cooled down the heated atmosphere during the concert. In conclusion, undoubtedly it was one of the highlights of the festival.

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