General director: Andrzej Kosendiak

Artistic director: Elżbieta Sikora


Like atom’s structure, the program for MEN 2011 Festival combines elementary particles placed on the orbits of interpretation, integration and interaction.  Sound, light, image, motion, space and time meet together to create multi-layered works of art. To achieve this contemporary artists use extremely cutting edge computer techniques.

At MEN 2011 various aesthetics and musical trends meet – from classical electro-acoustic music to pop, intuitive or alternative music. Fixed sounds mingle with live electronics and live multimedia art.

Musica Electronica Nova 2011 refers to musical memories accumulated over the last 60 years as well as to our high speed contemporary age and its continuously changing artistic shape. Each hour of the 9-day festival will bring to life a specific image of electronic music in the 20th and 21st centuries.

In this year’s edition of MEN festival France is widely represented, giving the festival a special colour. Festival featured guest,  the young French composer Pierre Jodlowski,  is active and successful in several fields- music, visual art and installations.

Particularly important events at the MEN 2011 Festival include- the concert by Wrocław National Philharmonic together with  IRCAM conducted by Jacek Kaspszyk, -the Electronic Operas Night – the INA/GRM  and MOTUS  concerts with imposing acousmoniums. The audience will hear ensembles such as Court Circuit, Syntax, Leopoldinum, solists: Elzbieta Chojnacka, Daniel Kientzy, Anna Petrini, Fabrice Junger, the Mimeo intuition music group and the very popular Sonic Codex Orchestra.

We will also introduce the “innocent barbarians” trend entering strongly in the musical landscape of the 21st  century.

Among the composers represented:  François Bayle, Pierre Boulez, Denis Dufour, Luc Ferrari, Benjamin de la Fuente, Gyorgi Ligeti, Bruno Mantovani, Tristan Murail, Jean Claude Risset, Daniel Teruggi, Wojciech Blecharz, Marek Choloniewski, Dobromila Jaskot, Stanislaw Krupowicz, Lidia Zielinska and many others.

MEN 2011 collaborates with  WRO Visual Art Biennale 2011, Wroclaw Polytechnic and Academy of Music, National Audiovisual Institute (NinA), Polish Radio and many other institutions and centres. Co-founder of the festival and its co-organiser is the Polish Composers Union.

And everything starts in the heart of the city at the Pan Tadeusz Museum with the opening of Pierre Jodlowski’s installation “Passage”. From there on the journey of exciting sounds and images discovery, begins. First stop Saturday evening: Elzbieta Chojnacka and her blazing harpsichord.


Program Committee:

Krzysztof Knittel

Sławomir Kupczak

Elżbieta Sikora

Monika Pasiecznik

Jan Topolski